Coffee Selections

Signature Blends

  • Beanery Blend

    Smooth and soft with a nutty, sweet taste.

  • Breakfast Blend

    Exceptional smooth body and a fresh, balanced aftertaste.

  • Signature Dark Blend

    Rich-bodied, with a smoky, lingering aftertaste.

  • Mocha Java

    Complex flavor is citrusy and earthy with velvety body.

Select Varietals

  • Colombian Supremo

    Nutty aroma, sweet caramel flavor, fully body.

  • Costa Rican Tarrazu

    Spicy fragrance and balanced flavor with a fresh finish.

  • Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

    Bright, dry citrus taste and fragrance, buttery body.

  • Iced Café Mocha

    Bright, dry citrus taste and fragrance, buttery body.

  • Guatemalan Huehuetenango

    Chocolatey taste balanced by velvety body and fruity finish.

  • Kenya AA

    Intense berry flavor and fragrance with a long, fruity finish.

  • Sumatra Mandheling

    Earthy, pungent flavor with deep, syrupy body.

Rare and Estate Coffees

  • Costa Rican La Minita

    Lively acidity, creamy body, chocolatey flavor.

  • Guatemalan Finca Dos Marias

    Creamy body, sweet and fruity, clean aftertaste.

  • Hawaiian Kona

    Aromatic with sweet, nutty taste and buttery, fully body.

  • Jamaican Blue Mountain

    Delicate, sweet and mellow flavor with a round aftertaste.

  • Mexican Organic Aztec Pluma

    Spicy and fruity in flavor with smooth, rich body.

Special Roasts

  • Espresso Perfecto

    In the Italian tradition - sweet, smooth and thick.

  • French Roast

    Smoky flavor and heavy body.

Flavored Specialty Coffees

Our flavored specialty coffees are made from premium arabica beans and hand flavored with the highest quality flavoring extracts while still warm from roasting.

  • Amaretto

  • Banana Nut Cream

  • Butter Rum

  • Café Carmel

  • Chocolate Raspberry

  • Cinnamon Supreme

  • Crème Brulèe

  • Double Dutch Fudge

  • French Vanilla

  • German Chocolate

  • Hawaiian Coconut

  • Hazelnut

  • Irish Cream

  • Nuts & Berries

  • Sinful Sundae

  • Toasted Almond

  • Vanilla Nut Cream

  • Vermont Maple

  • Swiss Mocha Almond

  • English Toffee & Cream

  • Cinnamon Holiday Blend

  • Nuts & Berries

Special note on availability.

Because coffee is an agricultural product, the availability of any listed variety can sometimes be limited or hampered by harvest conditions. Not all coffees are always available at all store.